1. Seems like de Niro is in this film
    I could be wrong but based on the trailer for "The Intern" I'm pretty sure that famous actor Robert de Niro is in the film. What's crazy is that it's about an intern, but de Niro is an old guy. Not sure if they realized this when he got cast but I'm sure they're kicking themselves now.
  2. Anne Hathaway is de Niro's boss
    Seems to me like actress Anne Hathaway is playing Robert de Niro's boss! Now if they didn't realize de Niro was old, I totally understand this casting. He looks young in his earlier films and that may have confused them. You can tell they're trying to address it by making jokes about it in the trailer. But as far as I'm concerned, it's too little too late.
  3. This film is definitely in the Nancy Meyers universe
    There are so many Easter eggs in this trailer. Marble countertops, wooden desks, exposed brick, flower arrangements and out of focus Xmas lights in the background. No doubt this is a Nancy Meyers joint.
  4. Most of the workaholics are in this film
    And I'm not talking about Anne Hathaway (lolololololololol). Where is the 3rd workaholic? I hope he is alright.
  5. Alternate titles for the film
    Pretty sure they had a few other options before settling on the intern, my guesses: -The older intern. -Robert de Niro is the intern. -it's complicated with Robert de Niro as the intern -something's gotta give because Robert de Niro is the intern.
  6. Excited to get more info from the next trailer...
    I think we'll get a lot out of the second trailer.