What I Wanted to Be Growing Up, Chronologically

I've wanted to be a lot of things.
  1. Mail man
    I remember always being so interested by all the things that mailmen carried. Everything from letters to colorful junk mail to packages. And I always loved when people received mail that made their day.
  2. Garbage man
    I wanted to ride on the back of the garbage truck. Real bad.
  3. Pro Basketball Player
    Growing up, I looked up to Kobe and all of the Lakers. Plus I'm Filipino so it was basically engrained in my head.
  4. Pro skater
    When I first saw Jamie Thomas melon the Leap of Faith gap, I thought that any human crazy enough to try can fly. To me, skating is the closest thing to flying besides being in an airplane.
  5. Musician
    I still want to be this. My mom allowed me to play the drums because I was a little bit aggressive around other kids so I learned how to band the drums. I've been in love ever since.