1. Slapped by an Upperclassman
    First day. Then I went home and cried in my room. I don't know, maybe I deserved it. @dad never taught me how to fight. Stop reading here, dad.
  2. Smoked my First Cigarette
    My friend Ivan stole it from his mom's purse - it was a Salem. He gave to me in class, wrapped up in a tissue. I was extra gentle with my backpack that day so it wouldn't break. When I got home, I told my mom I was going to go exploring in the backyard, which I guess I really did, while smoking a cool menthol. The buzz nearly knocked me over.
  3. Bought my First Joint
    No, not a burger joint. I met one of my friends in a dark alley outside of our school. Looking back, the alley was pretty open for everyone to see. We were oblivious. (Note: my aunt picked me up from school that day, which made me feel really guilty for some reason.) I hid my newly purchased drug joint in my armoire and toyed with it everyday after school for a week. Then it broke and got everywhere, so I took it back to school and gave it to Ivan for free.
  4. Turned Down a Girlfriend
    I guess this girl that I liked in private middle school saw how much cooler I got in public high school, so she told her friend to tell me to ask her out. I didn't, which was a huge turning point in my confidence career.