5 Photos on My Phone, Chosen at Random

  1. A shirt I made
    I'm strange, I like booking plane tickets. I like using hidden city ticketing, I like frequent flier miles and using them to my (and friends and families) AAadvantage. Sometimes when I cook I accept other forms of payment, ie art - I found out a similar but in my opinion inferior painting I was given sold at auction for upwards of 50K.
  2. The monster truck that rear ended me on the 405
    The woman that hit me claimed she was scratching her knee. At first I called bullshit, but after thinking on it I decided maybe she was telling the truth... I drive a Volt, she was in a monster truck, it is entirely possible that if she was close enough to my rear end and she leaned over - even the slightest bit - my car would be out of her line of sight.
  3. My wine spritzer, my wife, and some good scotch
    I am not going to even attempt to analyze this??? @ouizoid
  4. A friend found this pic of my son sleeping on me.
    He is 5 now, we don't get to do this anymore. I miss miss miss
  5. drunken purchase from the rite aid this past Friday night.
    I texted a friend: "I'm buying it" His response was: "Do it! Man that Kombucha got you acting craaazy!!!"