In order of preference
  1. Wednesday - Santa Monica. Must go early, get there at 8am. Your on a mission to find the best produce not chit chat and socialize. Find: Schaner Farm, Coleman, Maryann Carpenter, Barbara from Windrose, James Birch, Oliver w/ the Pork & Protea flowers, but that's another list.
  2. Sunday - Hollywood. Must go early, this one gets tight, Ivar is narrow. Beeline it up Ivar (towards the hills - Ivar & Hollywood) to "The Garden of..." yes that's the name of the farm, probably the most pristine lettuces in So Cal. Be social after you shop.
  3. Saturday - Santa Monica. Go earlyish. James Birch, Coleman Family Farm, and Oliver with the Pork and Protea flowers will all be there.
  4. Tuesday - Culver City. I think it starts around 2pm. Go whenever. Or never. Find: Fairview Gardens Farm.
  5. Monday - Plummer Park. Starts around 9am. Find, Harry's Berries. Look for @jennikonner shopping for produce after she drops the kids off.
  6. Friday - Venice. It's almost Shabbas, relax and have a coffee. Find: Weiser, Ha's Apple Farm, Harry's Berries, and Dave's Korean.
  7. Thursday - Ehhhh, take the day off. Go to the original Fairfax farmers market and grab chiliquiles from Loteria.