Santa Monica Farmers Market
  1. Green Garlic. Young Garlic. Baby Garlic. Windrose
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    A friend put it best when he said green garlic almost makes up for not having Ramps here on the west coast. Natural Antibiotic. Eat raw in salad, salsa, pesto. quickly sauté - olio, pasta, chili flakes, tons of black pepper, parm, a little pasta water and a nub of butter.
  2. Tomato Plants. Windrose
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    I don't plant/garden - I leave it to the experts - but if I did I'd buy these tomatoes and get them in the ground now.
  3. Fava Beans. Schaner Family Farms
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    Love them. Kind of a pain to cook but well worth it. If you've got kids make them do it. Boil water with lots of salt, pop beans out of pod, cook for 1min in water, cool quickly, pop beans out of shell. Purée w/ olio, salt, pepper, chili. Or toss in salad, pasta dish, ancient grain. Or just eat - maybe instead of all that edamame.
  4. English Peas. James Birch - Flora Bella Farms
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    This time of year I just eat them raw. Sweet like sugar. There are thousands of things you can do with Peas. Don't be afraid to taste before you buy... not all English peas are created equal.
  5. Asparagus. Zuckerman
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    The big fat fat ones. Break off the woodsy end. Sometimes I peel some of the bottom. I blanch in really salty water. Time depends on what I'm going to use them for. If roasting or grilling - shorter blanch. If eating "steamed" blanched with a vinaigrette, poached egg, crunchy thing - longer blanch.
  6. Local Fish. Wild Local
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    These guys are new. The fish/seafood is pristine. Short of catching yourself, or driving to the commercial fish market, you can't find better here. It's warm and sunny - grill it - olio, salt, pepper. Maybe some of that green garlic, favas, more oil, citrus.
  7. Lamb. Jimenez Family Farm
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    Spring Lamb baby - don't trim an ounce of that fat. Roast or grill top with your peas, favas, green garlic. And some mint, olio, chili, salt.
  8. Morels. Next to Maggie's Farm
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    Very special, short season. Clean! - grit sucks - if possible clean without water if you must use water make sure to dry well (cookie sheet w/ towel, mushrooms spread out and a fan or air) before cooking. Screaming hot pan add Olio and butter, add mushrooms spread out and don't touch for at least 1 min, sautée then don't touch. Add salt, chili, hit with some wine reduce, add green garlic, chili, hit of cream and or veg stock, favas, reduce a bit more, pour over your asparagus or on some toast.
  9. White Persian Mulberries
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    You won't find these unless you go early. Just eat them. Or serve over whipped ricotta or some good thick yogurt with toasted coconut flakes or granola.
  10. The Ojai Pixie.
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    Snacks. In salad, or on our fish (above).
  11. Pork & Proteas. Pork & Barnetts
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    Where else can you get the best pork( all cuts, BACON) and beautiful flowers. So many cuts so many recipes. Just cook the bacon - or how about throwing in our pasta w/ green garlic, and we can add the peas. Rub a chop w/ olio, salt, pepper, chili. fennel pollen, salt and roast or grill, keep it pink. Buy the flowers they will keep you happy all week.
  12. Apples. Ha's Apple Farm
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    Not in season but Ha manages to keep them stored properly so they are still crunchy. My kids live off these. I have at least one a day.