I get a lot of emails/texts that read: help having 15pp over tomorrow, what should I make? - oh and I have to work all day, but I can send someone out shopping for me. Below is one I give them.
  1. Polenta
    buy good polenta follow directions on box/bag - BUT add way more olive oil and or butter than they say. Maybe a little of both. Oh buy 2 boxes and make it all - yes it will be too much.
  2. Asparagus (or something else veggie and roast-able and most importantly in season)
    it's in season now (3/29/15 Los Angeles, CA) roast in oven under the broiler or on highest heat on sheet pan with olio salt and pepper.
  3. Wild Arugula (rocket), Radish, Olio, Lemon, Salt, Pepper.
    Arugula - get pre-washed. On east coast buy Satur Farms, west coast buy Maggie's Farm. Radish - Slice radish super thin. Toss with good olio, lemon, salt and pepper.
  4. Roast Chickenz
    Follow your favorite recipe Or make it easy and buy roast chickens, ask to have them cut up. In NYC go to Fairway, Brooklyn Larder, in LA go to Pollo ala Brasa, Huckleberry If your reading this, please add other roast chicken spots not just in NY and LA (or maybe that's a new list?)
  5. A fresh sauce, salsa verde, herby thing. Plus Fresh Parsley, Olio, Lemon Juice.
    Try and buy a romesco sauce, olive tapenade , salsa verde, Chimichurri. Freshen any of the above up with, chopped parsley, squeeze of fresh lemon juice and a large hit of olive oil.
  6. Wine, Beer, Single Malt Scotch
    or cases of HOXIE Spritzer - sorry I couldn't resist.
  7. Make the polenta - dump out on CLEAN slate counter-top, spread out a bit so it's not a mountain - you want rolling hills of polenta.
    This is KEY. This is the WOW, dump that polenta somewhere and somewhere spacious. Counter-too is best option.
  8. Put cut up pieces of roast chicken on top of polenta, top the chicken with your romesco sc. or olive tap, or herby green thing.
  9. Pile your roast asparagus off to one side. Put a big bowl of the arugula salad next to that.
  10. Let them have at it.