Quinoa is kind of played out but this one never gets old. Perfect for when you've got odds and ends sitting in your fridge and your at a loss. Get prepped because it goes fast, but it's easy and fun.
  1. Cook the quinoa, just follow the directions on the box. Or buy the pre-cooked stuff.
    You can also add leftover rice if you've got it.
  2. Chop a medium sized onion
    Whenever I say "chop" in this recipe I mean a very small dice.
  3. Chop a carrot
  4. What other veggies do you have around the house? pepper? - chop it. celery? - chop it. kale, chard, lettuces? - chop em
  5. Finely chop some garlic. don't stress, 1 clove, 2 cloves it doesn't matter... garlic is good it's a natural antibiotic. Green garlic is even better.
  6. Slice 2 or 3 scallions
  7. Find a couple eggs (or not).
  8. Pull some soy sauce.
  9. Find something sweet like maple syrup, agave, maybe honey.
  10. You will need oil... a little sesame oil and a neutral oil. I use grape seed, but don't stress use what you've got on hand, sometimes I use olio.
  11. Your quinoa should be cooked by now.
  12. Find the biggest pan in the house - one that gets hot, screaming hot. Cast Iron is good, but anything will do. If you have a wok use it.
  13. Pull out a bowl or largish plate.
  14. Okay here we go! Pan goes on
  15. Pan goes on stovetop.
  16. Heat at full blast. Pan on heat. Wait 20sec.
  17. Oil in pan at a one count (not quite a "1 Mississippi" around 1Tbs). Don't use the sesame yet.
  18. Pause and breath, pan should be smoking now.
  19. Add all the veg except the garlic and scallions. make sure it's spread across the pan. Once it's spread don't move the pan or the veg for at least 30sec. You want color.
  20. Give the pan a shake. Keep cooking another 30sec. Then add a pinch of salt.
  21. Have a couple sips of something cold then dump contents of pan in your bowl/plate. Don't worry if some sticks to the bottom.
  22. Pan goes back on the burner. Add a 1 count of sesame oil (1Tbs.)
  23. Look for smoke again, then add the quinoa, make sure it's covering the pan. Now don't touch it, resist the urge. Have a couple sips of something cold 1min 39sec. Give the pan a shake and leave it alone again for 2min or so. Dump the quinoa into the bowl with your veg.
  24. Pan goes back on heat. A little more oil in the pan - maybe 1/2Tbs. look for smoke. Crack the eggs and scramble them - it will happen fast.
  25. Dump the garlic in pan with eggs and give a quick shake or two. then add contents of bowl/plate.
  26. Add a 1 Mississippi of soy and a teaspoon of the maple syrup.
  27. Kill the heat. Add a squeeze of sriracha, toss everything together. Top with scallions (also cilantro is good, and mint, and chopped nuts)