The Hands Down Best Turkey Burger Recipe on Earth

I'd put this recipe up against the beef any day.
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    I take ZERO Credit it's all the genius of Kenji Lopez-Alt.
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    And the science behind it - I promise worth the read, Kenji is that good.
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    Ways I've Bastardized Kenji's recipe that I think work are:
    šŸ† Charred the eggplant on a grill or over flames on the stove-top. šŸ† Left a teeny tiny bit of the charred eggplant skin on. šŸ† Mashed in raw garlic with the Anchovy. šŸ† Added shaved truffle scraps. šŸ† Doubled the Marmite. šŸ† Doubled the anchovy. šŸ† Chili flakes.
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    I can't believe there is an emoji (or emojicon??) sticker thing for eggplant!