Elysian is a magical private event space in Frogtown and they happen to open their doors to the public for Sunday Brunch and the occasional Wednesday or Friday night dinner.
  1. Elysian is owned by artists David Thorne and Julie Meltzer.
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    you can read more about them here: http://bit.ly/1KojbxA
  2. David & Julie used to live and work there. Now David is the chef and Julie runs the Clockshop (LA based Arts non-profit)
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  3. Behind the gates is a secret garden where you can spend your Sunday drinking and eating
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  4. Roxana Jullapat & Dan Mattern run the brunch kitchen
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    I've worked for and with both of them, trust me they are the shit. 👉 http://bit.ly/1LGFHim
  5. "Bike-ins", walk-ins, and if we get some rain 🙏 kayak-ins are all welcome
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    I'm not sure there is any other dining spot of this quality in LA where you can do this? http://bit.ly/1NTZ3mx
  6. Did I mention the food is AMAZING!?
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    📷: @LaurenG.mcclelland
  7. Mark Hendrix runs the bar program.
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    Mark is crafting some of the best drinks right now in LA. Before Elysian you might have had his drinks at ACE Hotel DT LA or 5 Leaves in BK, NY
  8. If your in town this Sunday 9/6/2015 come by...
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    I'll be slinging cold wine spritzers and working my first brunch in 8 plus years w/ Roxana, Dan, and David, Mark will make some drinks with the HOXIE and we will all celebrate the end of summer. Any ListAppers say hi and I'll make sure you stay in the drink. http://bit.ly/1IBfwF2 📷: @marieljoan