Why I'm So Happy @shaniqwa Is on the List App

I woke up this morning to find an alert from ListApp that @shaniqwa is now following me. I thought could this be the @shaniqwa??? I waited for her profile to update and...
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    @shaniqwa and I grew up 10 blocks from each other
    on the upper upper west.
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    The Center School
    We met there in 5th grade.
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    I have many many snapshots in my head of her and she is smiling and laughing in all of them.
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    My sister
    no dicks not like "sister". like a real sister, we also have a brother, his name is Omari, and another sister her name is Shaina, and another sister named Koyuki.
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    @shaniqwa is part dolphin
    until Michael Phelps comes on this thing there is no one that can beat her in the pool🐬🐬🐬💦💦
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    No matter how bad my lists are she will throw me one
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    She takes the dopest photos
    not me in the picture
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    Internet stalking made easier
    @shaniqwa is one of the only people from my childhood i've consistently googled over the years. Now I know just where to find her.
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    @shaniqwa has always been cooler than me, BUT
    who was here FIRST 🎉🎊💥🎆 in at 250ish. thanks @jon
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    I didn't invite her
    Since someone in this group did?? It only reaffirms my belief in how cool she is.
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    I ran into her once on Fairfax when I first moved to LA
    Other than that I don't think we've seen each other in 18 years (if not more) 😓
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    She knows my first kiss
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    There are about 5 people from my childhood that I've wanted to re-connect with and she falls in that 5.
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    I always admired her ability to get along with everyone. She could float effortlessly between any "click" and was respected by all.
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    I'm an introvert
    she's not or is good at playing extro
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    Maybe this was the push we needed.
    List App "reuniting friends and family"
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    Josh killing it in junior high.
    Suggested by   @shaniqwa