[TV] Shows I Would Recommend

Almost no show is without questionable things, be it language, bad scenes, or bad messages. Given that, I would suggest looking up these shows on PluggedIn or ask me about what's in them should you desire to watch them :) Thank you :) The last thing I want to do is for someone to watch a show and find the scenes, etc. without foreknowledge.
  1. Sherlock
    The BBC show with Benedict Cumberbatch
  2. Daredevil
    Amazing, amazing show. I definitely recommend it, for older viewers. [Caution: contains a high amount of violence, with a few instances of gruesome violence; contains language; contains two instances of partial nudity (I guess would be the best way to describe them), but they are not sexual (in the first season; I don't remember if there's any bad scenes in the second season).]
  3. White Collar
    A white collar crime (hah 😜) show along the lines of Catch Me If You Can
  4. Stranger Things
    The E.T., Super 8 -esque Netflix show that is one of the best shows I've ever seen! (Caution: there is a lot of cursing mostly from kids, and a sensual scene.)
  5. Firefly
    Amazing, amazing show. It's a space-western (and infinitely better than Cowboys & Aliens). The crew grows on you as their members expand and they become a tight-knit like a family. The writing is brilliant and the jokes are delivered perfectly. (Caution: The show has a lot of garbage. From language to multiple sexual scenes to crude or sexual references. That being the case, I would ONLY recommend it if watched with a content filtering service like ClearPlay or VidAngel.)
  6. Downton Abbey
    Yes, Downton Abbey. If you think it's not worth your time, watch it :) It's so good! The characters are brilliantly written! (Caution: the first episode [I believe] has a bad scene, and later [I think in the first season] there's a homosexual scene that mistakenly happens, but nothing sexual happens. That's pretty much it :) .)
  7. Jericho
    True it only had two seasons, but it's definitely worth watching :) So good! :)
  8. Frasier
    (Caution: does contain a fair amount of suggestive and tacky material.)
  9. Last Man Standing
    (Caution: also contains suggestive and tacky material, but not as much as Frasier.)
  10. Arrow
    (Caution: there is some suggestive material, and I believe it's in Season 4 there's a bad scene.)
  11. The Flash
    Definitely one of my favorite shows on TV right now :) So good. Both The Flash and Arrow are so well written. The characters are so good!
  12. The Mentalist
    I've only seen a handful of episodes from Season 1, probably some other ones sprinkled throughout, and from Season 4 on. (Caution: I can't remember for Season 4 onward, but in Season 1 there's definitely a lot of "Oh, I didn't know that was in there" [suggestive material].)
  13. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
    The first season is a little rocky, but if you get to the end of the first season, it's amazing!
  14. Madam Secretary
    Drama about the life of an ex-CIA woman who becomes Secretary of State. Very well written! The characters are phenomenal!
  15. Agent Carter
    This one is lower on the list because of its second season. The first season was amazing! It's a mini series so it's not too time consuming. The second season is very weird, especially given that this is a very grounded to earth show. The second season is totally not grounded. While I haven't actually finished the second season, so I can't judge it completely, it should also say something about how it was compared to the first season (which was amazing).
  16. Forever
    "New York's star medical examiner, Dr. Henry Morgan, doesn't study the dead only to help solve criminal cases. Born 200 years ago, he hopes his work also will help solve mysteries about his own mysterious immortality. The remarkable observational skills he has developed over his long life impress his new partner, Detective Jo Martinez … More of his colorful past slowly reveals itself—even as he continues to keep his long life secret from everyone except his best friend & confidant, Abe"Wikipedia
  17. Hawaii Five-0
    The remake of the original show. (Although I haven't kept up with it this past season, it) Still has one of the best season finales I've ever seen. I believe it was the finale for either Season 2 or 3.
  18. [Note: Shows may have bad things I didn't list, so just because I didn't say "(Caution)" on some doesn't mean there's not anything objectionable in them.]