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This is going to be very Jap biased.
  1. R32 Nissan Skyline GTR
  2. Toyota Supra
  3. Toyota Corolla AE86 Trueno
A list of songs that only come out when Spotify is whacked firmly into private mode.
  1. You're still the one - Shania Twain
  2. Eternal flame - The Bangles
  3. Torn - Natalie Imbruglia
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As a single, working dude, I'm forever looking for new ways to meet potential partners. So here's a list of apps that I've tried and how I rate them in terms of dating success.
  1. Tinder
    A favourite of mine, mostly because many of the other apps haven't really taken off in my local area. But with tinder it seems that everyone and their mum is on there. I enjoy tinder as it needs minimal effort to make progress, you can easily login with Facebook, have your entire profile created for you and then straight away start swiping(with quite some haste). The only down side is that you may slip into a slightly shallow state of mind as you can easily sit and swipe without looking all day.
  2. Happn
    This is a slightly underground app and appears to have only the most hardcore "daters" on there. Although some would say they aren't all looking for long terms partners... If you get my drift. Happn works by matching you with people that you walk past in public, you can then decide if you like eachother and start talking if the feeling is mutual. Although, It seems with my face that it's often not
  3. Plenty of fish
    More of a long term partner website than a quick dating app. However there are parts of the app that let you use similar matching techniques to more popular apps. For me, the app was a little bit of overkill. It allows for an excessive amount of information on your profile in which I doubt anyone really reads. I appreciate that their aim is for more serious relationships, but I believe in doing that they've attracted an older audience, which isn't entirely ideal for a chap in his early 20's.
  4. Hot or not
    Basically a tinder rip-off, although some will argue it came out first. It's a good app, works well and provides a fairly broad audience and an adequate amount of matches. I can't really complain other than its no where near as popular as tinder and the user interface is a tad tacky. It also seems to be forever sending me notifications along the lines of "hot girls in your local area...", which I personally deem a tad creepy.
A list of supposedly stance cars that you might see if you're ever burdened with having to visit Bracknell.
  1. IG: harrystagginz
  2. IG: joshsharppp
  3. IG: james_parrett LIST: @Jimbo
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