10 great panels from Saga

Saga is a fantastic comic by Fiona Staples and Brian K. Vaughan. Filled with all manner of craziness i cant call this a top 10 list because of the vast amount of great art from Staples. some of these i found clear pics online others i had to snap picture
  1. The first page of the first issue. Grabs you right from the start that this isnt going to be your normal ride
  2. Works for me
  3. Staples loves opening the shot and showing the world they have built
  4. Were gonna need a bigger boat . . .
  5. They tried to stress the normalcy of people even in a bizzare wrapping (li.st crop sucks)
  6. Staples will go toe to toe with superhero splash pages. Love the Robots design
  7. Great character designs
  8. Alana is known as the fighter but early on in the book Marko didnt come off as such a puss
  10. My absolutely favorite panel. (Slightly censored for people afraid of real life)