I see a lot of brave people listing about being pro-life and pro-choice. I've considered myself both at different times in my life. What changed is that I realized what I was taught was mostly propaganda. Perhaps if my tenth grade Morality teacher had taught us honestly without manipulation, I'd still have respect for the pro-life movement.
  1. We read books and articles written from the point of view of a developing fetus. Naturally, one becomes emotionally attached to a first person narrator.
  2. We read endless articles about women who regretted their abortions, became depressed after them, became infertile after them.
  3. We watched a documentary about a women who had a botched abortion who was now living with a colostomy bag.
  4. We were forced to make a pro-life binder with pro-life only materials that was 50% of our grade.
  5. Extra credit included: Picketing at Planned Parenthood with our teacher and drawing/designing Pro-Life posters.
    I don't think anyone ever took our teacher up on the offer to go to Planned Parenthood where she was "every Saturday morning!" However, to this day, I am still afraid to go to a PP because I fear protesters.
  6. We were forced to memorize each week of fetal development and write it down on a test. Guess which week we were told a fetus could feel pain? Eight! First trimester.
    This is still a highly debated matter, but even conservatives argue this is closer to week 20!
  7. We were told that most abortions were dilation & evacuations (D&E) taking place in the second trimester.
    92% of abortions are dilation & curettage (D&C) procedures during the first trimester.
  8. We watched a birthing video to see the beautiful joy of life! It was gross, but babies are awesome!
    I totally support parents having babies they want, love, and can take care of emotionally and financially!
  9. Then, we watched a D&E twenty week abortion. "This is what abortion looks like." "This is the procedure most women go through."
    I do not judge anyone who has to go through a late-term abortion, or a second trimester abortion, but it is NOT the usual. Showing 16 year old girls a video of a forming fetus being taken piece by piece out of a vagina is going to convince them, scar them, shame them. For years after, I associated all abortions with the hand and rib cage we saw removed. This still sticks with me as the reason I cannot trust most pro-life information.
  10. Note: No need to debate. I understand the emotional and the logical arguments surrounding abortion and have felt them and believed them both during my life. I just believe the pro-life movement as I have experienced it is damaging itself with propagating misinformation and supporting policy that does not help their cause.