1. Like Josie and the Pussycats?
    This can range from harmless to completely over-sexual and inappropriate.
  2. Have you seen Never Been Kissed? Josie Grossie...
    I adore Never Been Kissed and have never really been bullied or called Josie Grossie. (Nosy Josie, I get that one pretty often...)
  3. My dad calls me that to make fun of me. Cause I'm Joe. And Josie's a girl name.
    Can we stop punishing boys by calling them feminine things yet?
  4. Is that Jo-sie? Or Jo-zie?
    This one sends me into complete panic because my parents never told me and I go back and forth about it all the time without noticing.
  5. When someone reads my name, 100% they will call me José.
    Even the teachers at an all-girls school made that blunder on day one.
  6. 25% of the time, people will still want to call me José even after I introduce myself.
    That's cool, if it's fun for you, I don't mind.