I have a confession to make: my love for Rob Lowe has not always been as unwavering as it is today. This is our story.
  1. In ninth grade English, we read The Outsiders.
  2. And my life was forever changed.
  3. Soda Pop had entered it.
  4. My friend and I obsessed over him.
  5. It was all our 15 year old brains could think about.
  6. Until one day, her father heard us talking about him.
  8. He says to us: "Do you even know what Rob Lowe looks like now a days?"
  9. 😳😳
  10. Rob circa 2008
  11. And I know what you're thinking: "He looks pretty damn good."
  12. But no!
  13. We were DISGUSTED.
  15. (My best guess is at 15 we were intimidated by his masculinity and sensuality.)
  16. We turned our backs on Rob and secretly pined for the boy he used to be.
  17. That was my lowest point.
  18. Enter Robert McCallister.
  19. I didn't know it yet, but just a year later, Brothers & Sisters was sowing the seeds of lifelong love.
  20. Still, he was too perfect for Kitty, but too old for me.
  21. A couple more years past, and it was 2011.
  22. I got to college and had to find out what I was missing.
  23. I caught up on Parks and Recreation.
  24. And even more importantly...
  25. Yes, you guessed it...
  26. Chris Traeger.
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  27. A moment of appreciation.
  28. Giphy
  29. Giphy
  30. Giphy
  31. And so, before I had even realized what had happened, I had fallen once again for this beautiful man.
  32. But I hadn't completely accepted Rob Lowe just yet.
  33. It was then that I saw St. Elmo's Fire.
  34. Back to my longing for the youthful boy I so long had wanted.
  35. Back to my teenage crush.
  36. But then, something funny happened.
  37. I watched The West Wing.
  38. Sam Seaborn, ladies and gents. 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
  39. A sweet, perfect mix between boy and man.
  40. It was then that my heart fully changed.
  41. I embraced my love for Rob and would never be ashamed by him again.
  42. Now as I sit watching The Grinder...
  43. I can't imagine a time when I was so naive.
  44. How could something I saw as revolting now be something I see as perfection?
  45. But we can all rest happily --
  46. After eight long years, I finally know the truth.
  47. 💋💋💋