Obsessed with Crazy Ex-Girlfriend and it's unique take on mental health, feminism, relationships and so much more. This show deserves all the ratings - you need to watch it! The music is so on point and funny every week that this list was next to impossible!
  1. Sexy Getting Ready Song
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  2. West Covina
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  3. Good at Yoga
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  4. Settle For Me
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  5. I Have Friends
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  6. I'm a Good Person
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  7. Face Your Fears
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  8. What'll It Be
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  9. His Status is Prefered
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  10. I Give Good Parent
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  11. I Love My Daughter
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  12. Feelin Kinda Naughty
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  13. Sexy French Depression
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  14. Sex With a Stranger
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  15. A Band Made Up of Four Joshs
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