Loved this season and especially the flashbacks. Transparent is all about the small, heartbreaking moments. These were some of my favorites.
  1. Episode 1: Most of the episode, especially the first and last shots, but the mid-reception breakdown takes the cake.
  2. Episode 2: Maura at the club sitting alone. The moments when she is faced with how difficult it is to not be a conventionally attractive woman tear me to shreds.
  3. Episode 3: The almost proposal.
  4. Episode 4: Shelley flipping channels, asking Maura for her opinion, and Maura having none of it.
  5. Episode 5: Not fighting to have Colton stay.
  6. Episode 6: The miscarriage.
  7. Episode 7: Temple.
  8. Episode 8: Seeing Maura really embrace her inner mom while talking to Shea.
  9. Episode 9: This episode was fantastic. The flashbacks, Sarah getting some friendly advice, "Man on the land!"
  10. Episode 10: Maura finally seeing her mother.