Requested by @BWN_7
From destructive to neutral to positive!
  1. Chipping off all my nail polish once there is one chip.
    I used to paint my nails every night and destroy them throughout the day whenever I got stressed. It got especially bad on the volleyball court - not a great time to have my fingers in my mouth or to leave polish chippings on the gym court.
  2. TV series that I have started.
    Why can't I quit you, every series that's gone downhill ever?!
  3. Stories even if someone interrupts.
    I feel compelled to finish them, so compelled! But I usually don't unless somebody asks.
  4. Cleaning once I've started.
    This is why I don't clean often because I can't take partially clean, I'd rather have a complete mess.
  5. My 10,000 steps a day!
    Thanks FitBit for controlling my life! I let it slide on some weekends.