Inspired by @megifiona - Mostly things that High School Josie would never believe.
  1. I'd take a "gap year" after graduating to work on "my screenplays"
    I'm an imposter this cannot be my real life.
  2. I'd work at a Brandy Melville
    "One size fits most."
  3. I'd meet my first boyfriend/first love on the first day of college and my first day in a coeducational setting since I was eleven
    Does all-girls school make you boy crazy? Nah...
  4. I'd have two really bad reactions both times I tried marijuana
    Hugs not drugs for me.
  5. I'd live in a small town where all the restaurant owners know my name à la Stars Hollow
    Pretty much two weeks in Frankfort, MI will do it.
  6. My twin would be a recovering heroin addict.
    "Mom, you need to stop freaking out about his recreational drug use."
  7. I'd live in three states
    CA, NY, and MI.
  8. I'd go to a film festival in Bologna, Italy
    I'm obsessed with Bologna and must go back.
  9. My parents would split up after I left for college.
    Finally. But also, now I'm to blame for why they were miserable for all those years?
  10. I'd PA for Michael Bay on a Victoria's Secret shoot.
  11. My best friends and I would be in charge of a 35k event that would go off without a hitch.
    "Did I miss my event production calling?" I ask myself daily.