Can't go into the new year without some positive vibes.
  1. Went without Starbucks for over two months.
    It's like 45 minutes away from my new home, but I'm totally still impressed.
  2. Left Southern California.
    Planning to live an entire year outside of my sunny home state for the first time in my life.
  3. Graduated Magna Cum Laude from Chapman University with a BFA in Creative Producing and a minor in Narrative Television.
    And with the rigors of film school over at last, I retired to a cabin in the woods to write screenplays.
  4. Lost 15 pounds.
    Might have gained 15 pounds first, but I'm heading in the right direction now.
  5. Finished my first screenplay and begun working on my next.
    Long overdue.
  6. Starred in and helped write my sorority's "skit."
    Finally embraced my inner theatrics and tried out for a part in our lipsyncing/dancing condensed version of Clue. Conquered my stage fright and, dare I say, stole the show. The amount of positive attention I got for this was a little overwhelming.
  7. Rekindled relationships with my cousins, aunt, and uncle.
    Socializing, especially with family that I don't know very well, is extremely tough for me.
  8. Was in charge of a class of 20 people who organized the end of the year commencement celebration at the film school.
    It was our first year just having a party instead of an awards show and I think it went amazingly well. I don't think I'll ever throw a 25k bash again, but I loved every minute of it.
  9. Stopped biting my nails.
    This could be a symptom of my out-of-school, unemployed, relaxed lifestyle, but it is fabulous for my manicure.
  10. Chose my happiness over my parents and did not go home for the holidays.
    Also, being unemployed and all, it was the financially responsible decision.