As an assignment for my lit class, I had to lead a book club. Unfortunately I couldn't chose the book and was assigned a poorly written smutty American Revolution historical fiction book. (Sex scenes were kinda hot tho.) Things that ensued were...
  1. Listen to old ladies talk about their dead husbands
    Apparently this one died last year and said she never let him touch her in public 👀
  2. Try your best to block it out when a middle aged woman talks about being "okay with gay people" but "not wanting to see them touch"
    Homophobia is always fun!
  3. Not gasp when another old lady says girls would be dressed as men when they traveled so they wouldn't be "raped by Indians"
    Thank you, @God, for the other lady who interjected "or cowboys!"
  4. Avoid talking about the sex scenes
    They were weird scenes tbh but the old ladies ~loved~ it