Worst to best
  1. Gas station cashier
    Lots of, um... characters.
  2. Health food store deli prep cook
    Long hours on your feet, needy customers on your nerves. But I did learn the best way to chop almost anything.
  3. Phone book deliverer
    One spring while in community college I showed up at a storage facility and left with 500 phone books. It took longer than you'd think to get them all delivered, and 37 cents per phone book takes a lot to add up to real money.
  4. Donut store counter girl
    My first job! Pros: leftover donuts, getting to leave early when we sell all the donuts. Cons: getting up at 430 on Saturdays as high schooler.
  5. Newborn baby photographer
    Babies are cute but putting a hard sell on postpartum moms is not. Also baby names: feigning surprise and delight at all of them is harder than it sounds.
  6. School portrait photographer
    A step up from babies, though I actually had this job first. No sales involved, and subjects take direction slightly better.
  7. College newspaper reporter
    One year in college, though I wish it had been more. A lot of pressure, but it was fun and I learned a ton.
  8. Barista
    My job my last two years of college, my first job with benefits, and the place where I learned I enjoyed helping solve people's problems. I had a sort of mini reference interview I did for customers who didn't know what they wanted. Finding an answer they were happy with was the highlight of my day.
  9. Librarian!
    I've had a couple versions of this job, but my current one is my favorite job so far. I get to be creative, solve problems, teach, and learn!