When Harry and Sally met every colourful character on the east coast.
  1. The waitress in the first diner scene
    She doesn't have any time for Sally's entitled dessert order. Whip cream only if it's not from a can? Please.
  2. The one talking head wife who married Ben Small, of the Coney Island Smalls.
    "At that moment I knew. I knew like you know about a good melon."
  3. Marie.
    I am OBSESSED with Marie. She is barely a secondary character. Honestly, I would fund the the prequel to the ending of WHMS; when Jess met Marie. Carrie Fisher is a damn Bae.
  4. Jess!
  5. Aunt Emily & Julian
    I hope these two ended up together.
  6. Rob Riener's mom.
    Ya I bet you will have what she's having you saucy minx