In the world of snowboarding (and really action sports in general), the slang can be very abstruse. Let's shed some light on a few of their meanings.
  1. Park Rat
    A snowboarder (or skier) who's only interested in riding the terrain park. Hitting jumps, rails and boxes. Often seen in baggy attire, getting stoked with fellow rats.
  2. Getting corked
    When a rider performs an aerial maneuver, spinning or flipping off axis.
  3. Shred the gnar
    Perhaps the douchiest way to say "go snowboarding".
  4. Take some laps
    To continually ride the same run with a group of friends.
  5. Going switch
    When a rider goes down the hill facing the direction that is unnatural to them.
  6. Gaper
    a rider (typically inexperienced and unaware of snowboarding fashion trends) who has a visible gap between the top of their goggles and bottom of their beanie.
  7. Fruit booter
    A Skier
  8. Hucking it
    To aggressively and carelessly attempt an aerial maneuver.
  9. Steeze
  10. Boosting it
    To jump/launch higher than a rider typically would.
  11. Stomping it
    Aggressively landing an aerial maneuver with perfect timing, and riding it out comfortably. Often a precursor for celebratory gang gestures and your friends getting stoked.
  12. Getting stoked
    Getting very excited.
  13. Snake
    To take someone else's turn while waiting for a feature, such as a jump or rail. "Dude just snaked my run."
    Suggested by @Nicholas
  14. Fat girlfriend
    When a snowboarder has whack steeze and rides with his back hand extended behind him, which resembles holding on to a fat girlfriend
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  15. Buttery
    Suggested by @Nicholas
  16. Dropping next
    A term that riders shout before approaching a large jump or rail, warning other riders to avoid collision.