In the French language,"gauche" means "left". It also means awkward.
  1. Writing on a whiteboard is damn near impossible.
  2. Left-handed guitars are far more expensive, and harder to come by.
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    Can't help but love the story of Hendrix restringing a right-handed guitar and flipping it over to play left- handed.
  3. Seating in a dining booth is always an awkward ordeal.
    But a great excuse to always get the aisle seat.
  4. Everyone else can share golf clubs.
  5. As an elementary school lad, you suffered from a chronic case of "black Palm".
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  6. Cutting things with scissors (especially paper) is extremely challenging.
  7. Research shows we're more prone to mental disorder.
  8. Shorter lifespan
    It's pretty controversial - FGI - but some studies show a 5-10 year shorter life expectancy for lefties.
    Suggested by @evanp