My life is a work in progress.
  1. Taking preventative measures against my seasonal allergies.
    A must do for most folks living in the Willamette valley.
  2. Making student loan payments.
  3. Taking a "men's one a day"
  4. Shopping at Trader Joe's
    Aka "MILF" central. Sorry not sorry.
  5. Getting quotes for renter's insurance.
  6. Having renter's insurance.
  7. Drinking more than one cup of coffee a day, and not spazzing out as a result.
  8. Limiting marijuana consumption to the weekends.
    I've got shit to do todaaay
  9. Owning whiskey rocks
  10. Traveling for work.
  11. Flossing the recommended amount.
    Okay, not. But doesn't everyone lie about that?
  12. Owning a bowtie
    And knowing how to tie it.
  13. Maintaining my vegetable garden.
    And eating said veggies.
  14. Building my 401k
    Even if I don't fully understand it. Thanks boss!
  15. Exercising because I have to.
  16. Having 1 beer.