Eat slow, homie.
  1. New Person, Same Old Mistakes by Tame Impala.
    This song hits hard, definitely a good "first bite" song. Especially if you're breakfast is crunchy.
  2. The City by Darwin Deez.
    Sort of angsty. Perfect for when you sip a little bit of Orange Juice before you finish chewing your bite of food & the flavors meld oddly.
  3. You Don't Have To Worry by Doris & Kelley.
    For when you're on the tail end of the sandwich, sippin' slow on that OJ...then your eyes catch a glimpse of that hash brown still in the bag. Cue the music...
  4. Them Changes by Thundercat (with FlyLo & Kamasi Washington).
    This is a song for all of you McGriddle lovers out there. The familiar drum pattern lets you know you're in a safe zone, but when that bass starts walking you know you're in for a ride.
  5. Gumbo by Jay Rock.
    For when you start doubting your egg McMuffin & start thinking you should've scrambled eggs yourself & toasted an English muffin.
  6. VHS Sex by Com Truise.
    This song is for when your little cousin accidentally switches cups with you & instead of Minute Maid orange juice you get Hi-C mixed with Sprite. Triiiipppyyyy.
  7. Kathy Lee by Jessy Lanza.
    Another jam for when you're on those last few bites of your breakfast. Relax, take it slow. Be smooooove, with a V.
  8. Sara Smile by Hall & Oats.
    This is it...the last bite. Think of the moments made & the memories made.
  9. Biggest Part of Me by Ambrosia.
    This song is perfect for you get that free orange juice refill, shoutout to the plug.
  10. Stay Together by N.E.R.D.
    Breakfast is done and over, but you're still kind of hungry. Play this while you drive back to McDonald's to re-up & grab another order.