1. Regret:
    Somewhere around my mid to late 30's, I'm not sure why, but I seemed to stop moving forward. It's almost like my life had been placed on hold and I've been paralyzed by an inability to make any kind of decision. I recognized it a while ago but didn't do anything about it cause I thought I'd have plenty of time to sort myself out. Years later I'm still working on it (or rather, not doing anything about it). I regret not kicking myself in the pants sooner. Imagine where I could be now.
  2. Moment of pride:
    Making the decision to go to uni at 33, and completing an Arts degree with first class honors. I was also working, so I worked hard for that.
  3. Goal:
    To get in shape. And not into a shape that I (or anyone else) have in mind as the 'ideal shape/size', but a shape that's just right and healthy for me.
  4. Dream:
    To wake up in the morning and immediately look forward to the day ahead because I'll be doing what I love to do for work.
  5. Fantasy:
    Being able to travel the world. I want to go everywhere.
  6. Thanks for the list request @dad3 😊