10 Photos From My First Year On Instagram

Inspired by @jesszaffino and everyone else!
  1. I've been posting pics of my cat for a while!!
  2. I also post pics of other people's cats. This is my nephew, Rousty.
  3. Brighton Beach, Melbourne.
    I was cat sitting for my friend while she was in Mexico.
  4. In Sydney, house and cat sitting for my sister.
  5. While in Sydney, I visited Taronga Zoo and fell in love with the giraffes. And meerkats (not pictured).
  6. Stunning scenery in the Blue Mountains.
  7. Taken from the train on the way to the Sunshine Coast - one of the Glasshouse Mountains.
  8. 😍
  9. I like to read cheerful, upbeat books.
  10. Discovered a secret ghostbusters base in New Farm, Brisbane.