I posted an earlier list of black & white photos I took of my hometown, Brisbane. Here's some of my favorite photos I've taken at night.
  1. Brisbane city as seen from the top of the Kangaroo Point Cliffs.
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  2. Brisbane Riverside.
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  3. Moreton Bay fig trees.
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    Brisbane has these great Moreton Bay fig trees all around the place. Here's a majestic looking tree in the City Botanical Gardens.
  4. The Kurilpa Bridge.
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    Not my favorite Brisbane bridge, but it certainly looks better at night.
  5. Adelaide St.
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    The City Hall building can be seen behind the bus light streaks.
  6. Eagle St, behind Riverside.
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  7. View of Brisbane city from the base of the Kangaroo Point Cliffs.
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  8. The cascade fountain at Riverside.
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  9. Peak hour traffic down Edward St.
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    Posted as a black and white photo in an earlier list, here's the color version.
  10. View of the city from Southbank.
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