A List of my Plants

An unofficial list request from @amieshmamie - sorry it took me so long.
  1. Current desk view with today's new purchases.
  2. New Phal.
  3. A new dendrobium.
    I've not grown these before. Let's see how I go.
  4. Another new dendrobium.
  5. Terrarium.
  6. Baby terrarium. About half as big as the one one my desk. Needs a little tlc before I take it into work to sit on my new desk.
  7. Phals and Paphs.
  8. Phals.
  9. A couple of paphs and a couple of baby phals. And a sundew.
  10. Sundew close up. She's been eating some ants.
  11. More phals
  12. Close up on a couple of baby dendrobiums from today's orchid haul.
  13. The cacti and succulent corner. With a fiddle leaf fig in the background.
  14. More orchids. These crazy long flower spikes belong to my chocolate-scented oncidium. They'll be open soon and the whole house will smell like chocolate.
  15. Oncidium, phal and assorted house plants.
  16. Outdoors - succulent.
  17. Another succulent.
  18. And another succulent.
  19. A desert rose. Currently not in flower.
  20. To be continued. I can't seem to stop shopping for plants. Nor do I want to.
  21. Oooh, I forgot this little Cooktown Orchid from today's shopping trip.