Inspired by @DG and @culture_czar
  1. This will be short and sweet, and have a slightly different flavor than other related lists I've read.
  2. Queensland
    My home state, so there's a lot of memories. Let's pluck one from my childhood, shall we? I think I was 6 & I was hiking with my Dad, my uncle & cousin at Girraween National Park. We were climbing Bald Rock & Dad considers the climb to be too dangerous for me once we get close to the top so he makes me sit 'somewhere safe' while the rest of them continue. I am outraged because my cousin is younger than me & he is allowed to the very top. Must go back one day and complete the climb.
  3. New South Wales
    My sister lives in Sydney, so I've been there a few times. My most memorable experience was walking around the city & stumbling across this cool little lane where birdcages are suspended above pedestrians & bird sounds are played through speakers. I think it's called Angel Place.
  4. ACT
    My family took a road trip to Canberra to visit my aunt when I was 7 & my sister was 2. Somehow we didn't kill each other in the car & survived the journey. The one main thing I remember doing was visiting the mint & watching from a viewing platform as money was produced. It was pretty cool but we didn't get any samples.
  5. Victoria
    I lived in Melbourne for 5 years. I loved it. One of my bff's lived there recently for a few years too & we had many a boozy foody weekend each time I visited. Every time I'm there, I like to walk around the city and inner city suburbs & take pics of all the street art. There's a lot! And it changes all the time. This is one of my faves and is (was?) down the street from where my friend used to live.