Inspired by @roaringsoftly
  1. Hi, my name's Jocelyn.
  2. I'm an Aussie. I live in Brisbane.
    I'll show you around if you're ever in town. REASON YOU'LL WANT ME TO BE YOUR GUIDE IN BRISBANE
  3. I joined on 15th October, 2015. The first day the app was released into the big wide world.
  4. I list about all sorts of stuff. I don't really have a brand.
  5. Sometimes my lists will be a collection of photos that I love and want to share with others.
    I really want to buy a tent after finding these photos! 15 photos that make me want to go camping
  6. Other times I might tell you something personal or something weird that happened during my day.
    This really happened to me last week. It was an awkward conversation. Something unexpected today that made me go 😳
  7. Or I'll list the songs I have Shazamed recently.
  8. I love to hike and be outdoors. I can be quite the Nature Girl.
    This is a recent trip I took to Mount Tamborine to see Curtis Falls. CURTIS FALLS
  9. But other times I like nothing more than staying indoors for the entire weekend. And not even venturing outside for food.
    I read a lot of books in April! Books I Read in April
  10. I've made many friends in this community. I even met two other Brisbane Listers recently!
    @sally_lee and @danibee are so wonderful, you should follow them!! This is the list I made after our Meet Up: THE BRISBANE LIST APP MEETUP WAS AWESOME!!!
  11. This wonderful community might seem overwhelming at first, but I promise you'll fit right in.
  12. And if you ever have any questions, just ask. You can email @list, or post a question in a suggestion list (gathering answers from far and wide), or you could just ask someone in the comments section of a list.
    We're all very friendly and we'd love to help.
  13. So now that we're acquainted with each other, go forth and
  14. 😘