An Ongoing Photo Diary

For March 2017
  1. I visited an orchid nursery on the weekend.
  2. My new treasures.
  3. Sunrise on March 8th.
  4. Added a couple more paphiopedilums to my collection.
  5. ‪Saturday night vibes. ‬
  6. Cleaned out my office at work.
    See that little green shoot thing? That's a brand new flower spike just starting to grow!! I'm super excited. I bought this little beauty a couple of years ago when she was just a baby and this is the first time she's flowering for me! ☺️❤
  8. All the oncidium flowers are open from the plant I bought last weekend.
    I have a chocolate-scented oncidium about to flower soon. Seven flower spikes - the whole house is going to smell so good!
  9. Bought some new treasures from my fave nursery.
  10. One of my friends just came back from 2 weeks in Iran. We caught up yesterday and she brought me back presents!! This is a gorgeous book bag.
  11. A beautiful mirror to hang on the wall.
  12. 😍😍😍
  13. And this beautiful inlaid jewelry box!
    I'm very lucky ☺️
  14. And we had lunch.
  15. Sunset this afternoon was 😍