An Ongoing Photo Diary - June

  1. June is a party month as far as I'm concerned. I'm just getting started early.
  2. Happy Friday!
    I walk past this twice every day 💙
  3. Walking down a different street today on my way to work, just to see some different sights 💛
  4. Every day in June is Treat Yo Self Day!
  5. June is all about the cupcakes ☺️
    Pictured: salted caramel.
  6. Baby pink oncidium in full flower ☺️
  7. Feeding the parrots on the back deck of my friend's mountain home.
  8. More bird life.
  9. First presents ❤️
  10. My work desk 😊
  11. Treats ❤️
  12. Day drinking.
    On a week day, too!
  13. Deliriums - vodka, peach, lime juice, absinthe, white wine and spiced plum ☺️
  14. This could take a while...
  15. After work walking.
  16. More presents! June is the best month!!
  17. Who has the softest hands in all the lands? I do!
    Or I will when I start using all this lovely fancy hand cream.
  18. There are puppies at work today!!!