1. Static
    I like to tweet. I'll update this.
  2. Static
  3. Static
    I use this app a lot. Will update.
  4. Static
    Pretty important at the moment.
  5. Static
    Slowing learning how to use it. I'll update, but not today.
  6. Static
    Used solely for posting cat pics and videos. I spare you guys so much. Update not important.
  7. Static
    Love a good Shazam, but it still works fine without the update.
  8. Static
    Good for online shopping, but there's nothing I really want to buy right now. Will wait.
  9. Static
    You've let me down a little bit lately, AP. I'll update you, but not urgently.
  10. Static
    Not a regular user of this app. I'll sit this update out.
  11. Static
    Definitely not urgent.
  12. Static
    Haven't used this since I finished uni. It would be amusing to see what files are in there. But that can wait.