1. Call Analyst
    You know when you hear a message at the start of a call letting you know that this call may be recorded for coaching & development? I listened to the calls & provided feedback. It was by far my most favorite job in the bank. You hear a lot of weird shit & you're in a position to sit back and laugh at it. Was seriously gutted when the bank made our department redundant.
  2. Lender/Manager's Assistant/Relief Teller/Anything No One Else Wants To Do
    Current position. Better than working in a call centre, I admit. There are less ridiculous stats to adhere to. But then again, I'm now in the position where being held up is a realistic threat.
  3. Personal Lender
    In the call centre. Not the worst position. Generally people who want money tend to be slightly more pleasant to you than usual. Ridiculous stats to adhere to though. Don't even get me started. I think 2 & 3 are tied.
  4. Card Services/Telephone Banking
    Really hated this job. 95% of people will scream at you on the phone for stuff you have no control or power over. Some banking legislation has been changed recently or a current affairs show has done some kind of 'banking expose' piece the night before? Well, buckle up and prepare to have a shitty day. Morale is generally low.