1. Before List
    I used to scroll through Facebook, liking and sharing cat videos like my life depended on it.
  2. After List
    The only time I'm on Facebook now is to look at what List is posting. And my aunt's holiday photos.
  3. Before List
    I was perfectly fine with a 3GB per month data plan.
  4. After List
    I'm now at a 10GB per month plan and am considering increasing this.
  5. Before List
    I used to write my lists on a piece of paper. Like a pleb.
  6. After List
    Now I write my lists and publish them online for people all over the world to scoff and think 'what a pleb'.
  7. Before List
    I never liked audiobooks.
  8. After List
    Now I like audiobooks.
  9. Before List
    The thought of meeting people I interact with online was questionable. I'd been burned before by meeting 'online friends'. It wasn't pretty.
  10. After List
    I can't WAIT to meet fellow listers!! The one small meet up I've had so far was so awesome I didn't want it to end.
  11. Before List
    I was fine just checking my phone at lunch time to see what was happening in the world.
  12. After List
    Now I'm compelled to check my phone way more regularly to see what all my lovely List friends are up to, what the featured lists are, what's currently being discussed, woah I'm trending - how'd that happen!, ooh look at the compilation of banner lists... So much to look at and read!
  13. Before List
    I never used to carry my charger with me.
  14. After List
    I permanently have a charger in my bag and a spare in my desk drawer at work.
  15. Before List
  16. After List