After last month's dismal reading effort, I decided to up my game in June. I say 'consumed' cause audiobooks have been thrown into the mix now.
  1. Books:
  2. The Wonder Trail, Steve Hely
    This book is really great, I recommend you buy and read it immediately! You can check out my Amazon review if you want more details.
  3. Daily Rituals, Mason Currey
    I started reading this in June and will continue to dip into it over the coming weeks. A perfect book to pick up and read a few pages and put down again without losing the plot (no pun intended).
  4. Kindle:
  5. Solving the Procrastination Puzzle, Timothy A Pychyl
    It says something about me that it took several days to complete a book that's described as being 'easy to read in one hour'. Now I just need to apply the principles to my life.
  6. Audiobooks:
  7. Fishbowl, Bradley Somer
    I loved this book. I loved the way the characters wove together throughout the story. And I loved the fate of Ian the goldfish.
  8. One More Thing, Stories & Other Stories, BJ Novak
    I've read this book before and enjoyed it immensely but I found listening to the audiobook to be utterly delightful! A must listen!