Books I Read in April

  1. The Age of Miracles, Karen Thompson Walker
    An unusual book with an intriguing premise: what would happen to humanity if the earth's rotation slowed? Told from the perspective of one girl as she experiences the events. I really liked it and wanted the story to continue. A good sign.
  2. True Stories of Things I Can't Quite Remember, by @IamChrisTodd
    I'd actually planned to read this in March but ran out of time. It was in the top 3 to read in April. I really liked it, very amusing, very personal accounts of the author being a Good Boy.
  3. The Obstacle is the Way, Ryan Holiday
    Interesting book that encourages you to look at life's obstacles as opportunities. I tagged the shit out of it and will refer to these various tagged nuggets of info time and again.
  4. How I Became a Famous Novelist, Steve Hely
    Hilarious! I want to read it again immediately.
  5. The Ridiculous Race, Steve Hely & Vali Chandrasekaran
    I'd only read about a quarter of How I Became a Famous Novelist when I ordered this book online. It arrived quickly and I alternated between the two books. I had to stop reading this on the bus or at any time when I was in public though as the sudden sound of my raucous laughter seemed to startle everyone around me. Absolutely hilarious book!
  6. The Book of Days, K A Barker
    On my Kindle. I'm still going on this one. It's my lunchtime at work read-in-progress. So far I like it. Will wait and see how it ends before I commit to expressing my love for it.
  7. Book I didn't read in April:
  8. Science Wars through the Stargate, Steven Gil
    When your friend publishes a book and gives you one of the author copies, he's not usually impressed when you tell him it's scheduled in for May or June reading. I'll need to get started ASAP 😬