Maybe I should write this...
  1. Being the first born: rights and responsibilities.
  2. Pre-school frolics through the playground: a guide to learning how to share.
  3. So you have no friends at school. It's okay, you're moving soon.
  4. New school, new friends? Don't count on it.
  5. High school. The best years of your life? Unlikely.
  6. You're free! How to learn how to be an adult.
  7. What to do when you no longer want to be an adult.
  8. Career crisis: how to ineffectively change careers.
  9. Life as a Mature Aged Student (yes, you can go to uni even in your 30's).
  10. How a university degree will not change your life (no one cares that you got great grades and first class honors).
  11. Career crisis 2: it won't get any easier.
  12. Avoiding naps: don't sleep your life away.
  13. Your future: crazy cat lady in the making.
  14. Where to from here/epilogue/references.