The first week back after holidays is always brutal. This was my week.
  1. Monday: Toby Flenderson
    I'm on Struggle Street today. Even my voice sounds like Toby. Weak and unsure of what I'm doing and how I came to be sitting at my desk right now.
  2. Tuesday: Pam Beesley (pre Jim, receptionist days)
    Feeling better than yesterday but still not close to being satisfied with my life. Staring wistfully at the door and wishing it was home time.
  3. Wednesday: Creed Bratton
    I spent most of my day staring around the office with wide surprised eyes. How did I get here? This is a place of work? What year is it?
  4. Thursday: Meredith Palmer
    Quite crotchety today. Everything is making me cranky and I'd love to take the edge off with a big takeaway cup of gin. I didn't. I also didn't flash my boobs. I came close though.
  5. Friday: a Dwight/Jim hybrid
    I'm all about getting shit done today. After putting off most of my work for most of this week it was pretty necessary. I held up a No Nonsense sign in front of a lot of people. However I was quite partial to a good chat and displayed mild prankster tendencies. An interesting day for all involved. They never knew who they would get.