What compels people to collect stuff...
  1. Snow globes.
    I have a few but to be honest I haven't travelled all that widely. And when I have travelled I haven't been able to find snow globes I'd be proud to display. The collection has fizzled.
  2. Cameras.
    I have 5-6 vintage cameras that I got on eBay. They go largely unused and the film in some of them is probably no good by now. The only camera that really gets some action now is the camera on my phone.
  3. Cat plates.
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    Dear god, what WAS I thinking? I once had lunch in this quaint little cafe where cat plates covered the walls. At the time I thought it was charming and would an awesome decorating idea for my own home. Thankfully I gave this a second thought before it took hold too much. I do have an itty bitty tiny cat plate that was a birthday gift from a few years ago. I think this is acceptable. But no more.
  4. Glo mesh stuff.
    Handbags, clutches, purses. I used to visit a lot of vintage clothing stores for these shiny wares. I don't feel like I go out enough to warrant so much glo mesh in my life though.
  5. All things TARDIS.
    It started innocently enough with a TARDIS money box. Then someone gave me a TARDIS cookie container. Then came the matching TARDIS teapot & mug. I should probably stop there. Nothing screams eligible spinster like a collection of TARDISES. Or would that be TARDI...?