Some random thoughts and concerns swimming around my mind.
  1. Being on a bus with a driver who has rage issues.
    Particularly if they're vocal about it. Road rage, passenger rage - should you be driving right now with all these lives in your hands?
  2. Being held up at work.
    I work in a bank and am quite concerned about the possibility of a hold up. There have been a few "security incidences" with other banks in surrounding areas over the last few months. I don't want to be next. I'm not a teller who sits behind a safety screen or anything. I think I'd be screwed.
  3. People getting the wrong idea about me.
    The amount of times I've texted someone to tell them about The Lust App is too many to recount. The I and U are so close together and autocorrect doesn't know what to do with me.
  4. Australian politics.
    Seriously, the job of Prime Minister is not a game of pass the parcel. Get your shit together government. No one's taking you seriously anymore.