1. My sister.
    My younger sister is way better at life than me. And she constantly tells me so. Not necessarily outright (although sometimes this is the case), but it's the little things she says that suggest I should be happy with my life just as it is and not reach any higher, lest the balance changes and I start succeeding at stuff.
  2. An old team leader I had.
    If been working for the company for a couple of years. Other people in my team were being promoted or exploring new opportunities, which is something the organization as a whole encouraged. But when I expressed a desire to do the same he openly discouraged me by saying, "You know I have the greatest respect for those people who just do the same job for years and do it well. Maybe you should just stay here." I might actually be happy with my job/career had I moved up a bit. Thanks mate.
  3. Some random people who sat at a table near my parents during a high school function.
    To this day I have no idea why I was even the topic of conversation. It's not like I was an important person in high school, by any means. But I was the only Jocelyn, so there was no mistake. I was described as being "too airy fairy". What does that even mean? And too airy fairy for what? I'd like to know. At the time. But now I no longer care.
  4. My high school science teacher.
    Going WAY back in time here! He tried the old reverse psychology tactic on me by telling me that it was unlikely that I'd pass the advanced science class I'd taken. I got a A. Well played, Mr Rodwell. You're in the okay list of condescending people. I bet you're relieved.
  5. One of my co workers who openly berated me to everyone I work with, while I was standing right there.
    I'd failed to tick a box on a new form as part of a new process that came into effect when I'd been in leave. She questioned my ability to do my entire job in general. She was a total shit about it. Doesn't matter that she screws up at least once every single day. I took the moral high ground and said nothing. I wish I'd stood up for myself now.
  6. What am I going to do about this?
    Not take any more shit from anyone. Look out people who think it's going to be easy to manipulate me from now on. 2016 is is different me. Things are about to get real awkward. For them. And maybe from me too cause I hate confrontation!! But I'll try!!