1. I took myself to the movies tonight, and thanks to the help from the List App community, I ended up seeing The Big Short.
  2. First of all, I loved the movie. And the acting was amazing. Thanks everyone for the recommendation. Will most likely see Spotlight next week.
  3. Secondly, as someone who currently works in the finance industry, this movie scared the shit out of me.
  4. Now, I'm not one of the people who get paid the big bonuses for selling loads of banking products.
    My last bonus was a $200 gift card that I used to buy Aesop products. I'm what could be classified as working in the "shit kicker" end of the hierarchical structure. Which is basically anyone who wears a uniform, really.
  5. And until now, I was blissfully unaware of this crap that was happening behind the scenes.
    I mean, I know there's corruption in the world, I'm not that naive, but I really had no idea how deep it goes. Or maybe I didn't want to know. Who knows.
  6. Granted, it didn't get that bad in Australia. But still, at the time when I was speaking to customers who were worried about the thought of the Australian economy turning to shit I couldn't really grasp what they were so worried about.
    Now I do.
  7. I also have a better understanding of why I have to verify the literal crap out of everything in a loan file. And if any customers complain about why I'm asking for so much stuff I will tell them: first of all, I have to and secondly, watch The Big Short, get me the documentation I'm asking for and stop fucking whining.
    Maybe I won't actually swear at them, though.
  8. I'm also considering a move to the middle of nowhere with a ton of seeds and starting to gather water. 😳
  9. But all in all it was a good date night for me and me. We enjoyed getting out of the house.