Aka - something to ponder.
  1. It was just under 2 years ago since I joined List.
  2. A couple of years ago, I was setting up my profile while lying in bed, pressing snooze indefinitely, procrastinating on getting up to get ready to go to a job I loathed with a fiery passion.
  3. In no way did it ever occur to me then that I'd be sitting on a bus on the way home, 2 years later, reading everyone's goodbye lists and ugly crying.
  4. So much has changed in 2 years.
    For example, I've moved into a much better job. Yes, there were initial teething issues, but I'm much happier at work now.
  5. I've experienced many, many things in these 2 years, none of which really need to be listed here cause that's not the point.
  6. The point is, very often I don't think back and reflect on what I've done in the past.
  7. Most times I'm just looking at the here and now and wondering when the hell things are going to magically change.
  8. Or look to the immediate future and think that I can't possibly achieve all my goals in life in my current situation.
  9. But in my super reflective mood tonight, I can see things a little clearer.
  10. Seriously, I've changed quite a bit in 2 years.
  11. It makes me wonder how much more I can achieve in the coming 2 years. And longer.
  12. And my challenge to you all is to see how much YOU can achieve/create/grow/change, etc in the next 2 years.
  13. 2 years is a long time. Who know what we can do or make or accomplish in this time?
  14. So go forth and fly.
  15. 💙