1. From time to time, I see the 'Four years ago today...' notification pop up on Facebook. Or however many years ago it was.
    I'm not a serial Facebook user, so I don't see this every day.
  2. It kinda annoys me, but not enough to turn the feature off.
  3. I never ever share this blast from the past on my wall. I just assume my 'friends' have already seen it. When I posted it originally, that is.
  4. Tonight, though, I noticed there was a bit of activity for me over the years on June 4th. Let's take a look.
  5. June 4th, 2014
    Clearly I was concerned with turning into a stereotypical Cat Lady in my later years.
  6. Static
    This side you 'never want to see' makes a brief appearance later in this list.
  7. June 4th, 2012
    If I ever go missing as a result of any alcohol consumption there's a good chance my friends will be with me, so this won't work.
  8. Static
    I was clearly drinking something this night. Not sure what it was.
  9. June 4th, 2011
    I was house/cat sitting in Melbourne for one of my besties. The Eureka Skydeck had been built after I moved back to Brisbane so I did the touristy thing and posted these 5 photos, plus 7 more of my experience.
  10. Static
    That same evening I enjoyed a glass/bottle of red. Cheers!
  11. June 4th, 2009
    On this day, I think I was showing that side of me that you 'never want to see'. I can only assume I am referring to my own printer which may or may not have just broken at an inconvenient time. I could probably have used that bottle of red from 2011 to cope with it.
  12. I certainly hope that @list don't employ this feature in later li.st updates.
    There would be nothing more depressing than having a message pop up that says, 'On this day 3 years ago you wrote that list about your favorite cat memes that NO ONE LIKED!'